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We are living in the era of apps. Especially mobile apps developing companies are growing rapidly. They have transformed technology in new standards. Over past few years, technology has experienced innovation like AI, AR, IoT, wearable devices, etc.

Moreover, customer is also becoming more demanding. Nowadays, he is very much aware of technology. Therefore, tech gurus like Apple and Android are looking forward to developing more innovative apps. Thus, competition is also getting pretty tough. They are focusing more and more on designs and functions as well.

In coming future, there will be a big transform in the world of apps as the technology is behaving; it shows its way of working pattern.

Though, you may have experienced a lot of changes in trends of developing mobile app development companies, but coming generation will see some of major trends that are revealing huge opportunities for specific business needs.

Let’s have a look at the top mobile app development trends-

Top Mobile App Development Trends –

1.Artificial intelligence in Mobile App Development – Recently, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained popularity in developing mobile apps. Tech companies are interested in this technology.

According to a new report published by International Data Corporation (IDC), the AI market will experience  a revenue growth of $47+ billion by 2020. Recently, the perfect example of an AI app is Google’s $400 million acquisition of DeepMind. We can see a huge demand  for AI in the mobile app development market as companies are interested in this technology.

2.IoT and Wearable Technology – Internet of Things is another technology already in a huge demand. All aspects of life is not untouched with this technology as we can see from healthcare to education and smart homes to smart offices, everywhere it is in demand. We can see the report of search engines saying more than 50,000 users are searching for “Smart Home”.

It is directly connected to mobiles so apps are also getting a huge popularity. They are getting more business opportunities.

Now come to the wearable devices, we can see smart devices. It is growing well.

3. Augmented Reality – Another technology which is capturing the market is Augmented Reality. AR graphics and videos presented in your applications serve them differently.

Even, Amazon Go is already leveraging this technology.

4. Cloud based Applications – These days, mobile app developers are picking up this cloud driven mobile applications.

With this technology, it is easier to get data without impacting on your internal phone memory. There are already cloud-based apps like Dropbox, Google Drive are working.

A large number of data can be made protected by the cloud. Many companies trust cloud to assure that their employees data is safe and secure.

Conclusion – These are some latest mobile app development trends which are ruling the tech market. In coming time, they are going to be the hottest topic in the mobile app development market. So, you gear up to pick them in your mobile app development strategies.

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